Paolo Di Canio Thanks The FA For His Ban, Gives Them Permission To Do It Again

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

After sitting in the stands for the first match of his two-match ban, Controversial Swindon Town manager Paolo Di Canio thanked the FA. For banning him. Not ironically (or so he says). Further, the FA can ban him again for all he cares, because his team doesn’t even need him anymore.

“Not ironically, I want to thank the Football Association for giving me the opportunity to watch the game from the stands,” he told BBC Wiltshire.

“I give them permission to ban me for the rest of the season. We will win the league anyway.”

Swindon Town currently sit fourth in the League Two table, behind the three co-leaders Southend, Cheltenham, and Torquay.

“I don’t have homework because usually if I stand in the dugout I have to watch the game again as I don’t have a clear picture.

“If they want to ban me again they can do. My team now knows what they are doing now.”

So it’s all clear, now. Paolo is thanking the FA for banning him because it means he doesn’t have to go home and watch the game back on film, having seen it from the higher vantage point of the stands.

Another ban means less time spent at home watching League Two football, which, unless you’re a fan of a team in the division or getting paid very, very well for it, could be a bit of a chore. More than a bit, probably. This way, Paolo can get paid and use his evenings to catch up on his game shows. No one likes homework.


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