Paris Saint-Germain Was On A Boat

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

In America for their “we have all the money now” tour/”get used to us being famous” brand relaunch, Paris Saint-Germain saw the sights in New York, enjoying a merry jaunt around New York harbor and somehow managing not to look touristy despite being rich foreigners in matching clothes.

It’s hard to define what PSG is these days. There’s certainly the swagger of the financial muscle that comes with a seemingly unlimited supply of petrodollars, but it’s hard to level “new money” criticisms at what is undoubtedly the biggest club in Paris, a city that oozes old-world class and boasts the second-largest population in the European Union.

At the same time, French football has long been dominated by provincial powers like Saint-Etienne, Monaco, and Bordeaux. Despite PSG’s preeminent position as the only professional club in the “city of lights,” it has only won the French League on two occasions.

So what do we make of PSG? A club high on potential but low on achievement finally set for European domination? Another chapter in a long story of frustrating futility? At least we can say this about Les Parisiens: they have way classier and more swagged-out vacation photos and videos than anyone we’ve ever met.

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