Pele’s Grandkids Are Suing Him For Support

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Ah, the folly of the young and privileged. When your grandfather is the most famous footballer in the history of the world, and he makes buckets of cash from just showing up to wave an be Pele, there are expectations. Expectations that Grandpa will take care of you with his buckets of cash. Or, if we’re to take the side of the youth, Grandpa is not meeting his obligations. I bet the truth is in the middle somewhere.

Two of Pele’s grandchildren, the sons of Pele’s late daughter Sandra Regina, are suing the Brazilian legend for $6,000 each (which isn’t that much, really) to cover health insurance and education. Via the Sao Paulo newspaper Diario de Sao Paulo, the lawyer for the 13 and 15-year old says the pair were rejected by their grandfather.

The daily quoted their lawyer, Claudio Forssell, as saying that the teenagers “were abandoned intellectually, morally and materially” by their grandfather.

“Pele always rejected them,” according to the lawyer who said the teenagers had not met with their grandfather since 2011.

Pending a final ruling scheduled for next month, judges ordered Pele to pay each grandchild $760.

Pele: World famous playing legend, noted shiller of goods and services across the globe, and deadbeat grandpa.

Source: Hindustan Times

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