Peter Nowak Will Tell You Exactly What’s Wrong With American Soccer

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Written By Carl Mansson
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We’ve previously covered the fact that Philadelphia Union manager Peter Nowak is not only the only MLS head coach who is also an active twitter user, but also entirely unafraid of speaking his mind. Well, he did both today.

It started last night with Nowak asking fans what they thought of USMNT coach (and fellow Bundesliga alum) Jurgen Klinsmann’s “ultimatum” to MLS based players.

That was followed by a lively and lengthy discussion with fans about Klinsmann’s comments (Which you can go read on his twitter feed, if you want).

This morning, in response to a story by MLS Talk writer Earl Reed, Nowak laid out his thoughts on the differences between MLS and the Bundesliga, and exacly why American soccer still lags behind the rest of the world.

My comments: 1. we do have 19 owners + Comm.Garber to decide what is best for our League , while players are signed by MLS …

this is not Germany where Bundesliga and DFB are gov. body,where certain things can be mandatory, if not you can be relegated

we dont train twice a day like over,there it is not require and possible to be 8 hours at training facility due to many factors

we don’t have trainings methods of Magaths , Lienens , Renhagels or Lorants. Our players will never recover from this training

we don’t stay in Hotels prior to home games for concentration,game preparation,video analysis etc. We don’t fly charter either

we don’t travel in suits for the comfort of the players,longest trip in Ger. Munich-Hamburg 1h 30 min max compare to 6h to LA

its not require in Germany to give players days off because there is not CBA,all they care is to be famous,rich.Competition make them better

we don’t spend 10-20 Mil Euro every 6 months to make our rosters better to create more competition within the team .

with all this obstacles , we as a League are Light Years in terms of developing players,we are still evolving to make it best

Grasp of the English language aside, Peter Nowak’s resume speaks for itself. As a former Bundesliga star, MLS star, Poland captain, MLS head coach, and USMNT assistant, perhaps nobody is better qualified to speak on this subject.

And we’re positive nobody is as entertaining while doing so.

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