Photo Fun: Are These England Fans Very Daft or Very Clever?

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

We present this photo of a group of rowdy England fans standing int he shadow of Vladimir Lenin’s statue and and give you the following options of the intentions of these men. Are they:

A. Taking the piss out of England fans with their Templar knight-esque costumes (the Templars were not particularly English; in fact, they were way more French, especially at the end) and their anachronistic blowup RAF aeroplanes. Their outfits are both a way to support England (they are fans after all), and a way to poke some fun at the nationalistic symbols evoked any time an international tournament comes around. You mock them, but that’s their intention: it’s ING-ER-LAND, and they’re just having a laugh and watching some football. The blowup planes are a smart take on the coming together of two of England’s iconic eras, the Middle Ages and World War II. This is irony at its finest.

B. Completely oblivious. Wouldn’t know a Knight Templar if one fell from the sky and crushed their mother. Think “knight” of any type is fitting for an English supporter. Wanted to match, don’t really know what the cross means. Carry blowup planes because “Ten German Bombers” is their favorite song to sing drunk. IN-GER-LAND!

Step right up and have your say! Smart, ironically dressed England fans, or peacocking morons?

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