Playing FIFA All Day Can Be Productive

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

A Portuguese led Chelsea to an international trophy the other day. That’s more than Jose Mourinho can claim.

Sure it took place on a PlayStation3, but as a Chelsea supporter I’m definitely down to claim this as the Blues’ first and only trophy of the 2011 campaign.

Thursday marked the finals of FIFA’s annual Interactive World Cup with sixteen-year-old Francisco Cruz of Portugal, using Chelsea as his team of choice, taking home all the gamer marbles.

The federation sponsored Thursday’s virtual playoffs, which capped six months of preliminary competition among 869,543 players worldwide.

Sixteen-year-old Francisco Cruz of Portugal emerged the winner, earning $20,000 by beating 20-year-old Javier Munoz of Colombia, 4-1.

The playoffs began Tuesday at a Hollywood Hills mansion with two dozen competitors. Elimination matches played Wednesday on the top floor of the 32-story AT&T tower narrowed the field to four: Cruz, Munoz, Mark Azzi of Australia and Adam Winster of England.

More parents need to realize that intense video gaming can get you to a mansion in the Hollywood Hills and net you 20 grand when all is said and done.

Eric Wynalda announced the whole competition live with the winner of last year’s competition, Nenad Stojkovic, which probably wasn’t that awkward at all.

The whole thing had a nice dramatic story-line for Cruz as well. On his way to earning this year’s grand prize, the eventual champion had to take down Ruben Zerecero, the man who ousted Cruz in the 2009 finals in Barcelona. In addition to the fat stack of cash that Cruz won, he also earned a trip for two to the next FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala.

Francisco if you’re reading this, I want to play you for those Gala tickets. Or, if being that good at FIFA has resulted in minimal social skills and a severe lack of friends as we’d expect, I won’t think twice if you ask me to come with you.

Sound good? Cool. Meet you there.

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