Poland Shamelessly Leaves Roof Open, Match With England Called Off Due To Waterlogged Pitch

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Oh hey, Poland. Lovely new retractable roof stadium you have there. The Euros were a blast, weren’t they? Glad you built a half-billion euro stadium that is impervious to rain, so when those big games come around, like the one today against England in World Cup qualifying, you won’t have to call them off due to a waterlogged pitch. Unless, of course, you guys do something idiotic and leave the roof open—holy shit, you left the roof open.

England-Poland will not be played this evening because Poland intentionally left the roof of their new national stadium open with rain in the forecast so as to avoid playing England in the midst of an injury crisis.

It’s either that or they just forgot to close the roof. One is more plausible than the other.

The rules stipulate that the game must be played within 24 hours, which means all Poland did was delay the inevitability of their short-handedness. The game has already been rescheduled for Wednesday.

At least the fans are having fun.


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