Police On Guard Duty Lost The Keys To Wembley

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

We’ve all been there: Ready to leave the house, probably to go out and party with Cristiano at his brother’s new club, we find that we’ve lost our keys. Pretty soon, the house resembles a war zone. Couch cushions everywhere, furniture overturned, foodstuffs destroyed, all in a bid to find the keys. Now imagine you’re in charge of the keys to Wembley, only the most famous football venue on the planet and site of the Olympic tournament, and you’ve lost your keys. “Panic” isn’t a strong enough word.

This is serious stuff, these misplaced keys. Britain’s top police agency is involved.

Police guarding Wembley Stadium where Olympic soccer matches are being played revealed Monday that they have lost a set of keys to the venue.

Officers searching the stadium in London ahead of the start of the Games misplaced the keys, prompting an investigation by Scotland Yard, but organizers insisted that security has not been compromised.

Organizers stressed that the keys were for internal doors and the relevant locks have now been changed.

Scotland Yard is not treating the incident as a criminal matter.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said: “On the morning of Tuesday 24 July officers on Olympic police operations at Wembley stadium reported that internal security keys, being used by them as part of searches, were missing.”

She said officers searched the stadium but could not find the keys.

“Detectives also attended to ascertain if there was any evidence of criminal offenses,” the spokeswoman said. “There’s none at this time.”

Is it just me, or should new Wembley have evolved beyond keys at this point? Wouldn’t retina scanners or fingerprint scanners or voice recognition be more secure? The stadium cost nearly 800 million. Surely there was some room in the budget to get rid of the standard key locks.

Keys are nothing but trouble. Keys wear out, break off. Keys are painful when you have them in your pocket and you accidentally sit on them. Keys make that annoying jingling sound only house pets enjoy.

And keys get lost.

Thankfully, the keys in question were to internal doors, and they have changed the locks, so there’s no issue over security. That’s too bad, because I really wanted someone with Wembley to have to say this:

“No, can’t use Wembley today. We’ve lost the keys. Locksmith’s booked up. Hope to have it open tomorrow.”


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