Premier League All-Star Game Branding Proposal By Dave Williams

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The Premier League doesn’t have an All-Star Game. That’s an American thing, something the Yanks do get rid of their excess confetti and so Macklemore has a place lose at FIFA. But what if the Premier League did have an All-Star Game? It would need a logo, right? And shirts! And and a voting campaign so the fans could feel empowered! And advertising! There would have to be advertising! So who can help us conceive of such things that exist only in the realm of drea–oh, Dave Williams already did it. Awesome.

The logo is up top. Spiffy. Alternate take on the magisterial Premier League logo. Next, shirts. Totally need shirts. And since Dave has decided that the Premier League All-Star Game teams will be divided along geographical lines, it’s North and South. Might as well throw in some logos for each team as well.

Per Dave’s proposal, the North would be made up of two players each from Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton, Newcastle, Sunderland, Hull, West Brom, Aston Villa and Stoke.

Two All-Stars from Stoke. That’s hilarious.

And the South would be two players each from Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Spurs, Crystal Palace, West Ham, Cardiff, Swansea, Southampton and Norwich.

All-Star Games are no fun unless you allow the unwashed masses totally on-the-ball fans to help pick the teams. In order to get the word out on the candidates, maybe a few adverts might be a good idea. This is England, after all, so it could take some explanation to get people to understand what the hell an All-Star Game is in the first place. Is it like a testimonial? But with players from many teams? Ooh, will Cantona be there?

These are just the images Dave Williams has produced. He also put together a whole Premier League All-Star Game concept, imagining the game itself as a thank you for fans that would happen on the same weekend as the Charity Shield. The game would take place at Wembley, also include a U21 game, and just generally be a fun thing that fans might enjoy.

Based on Dave’s work it’s happening in my head right now, and it’s pretty awesome.

See Dave’s entire proposal at Behance.

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