Premier League Transfer Spending Over The Last Decade Is Roughly The GDP Of Moldova

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Yesterday, the BBC announced that it calculated the value of Premier League transfers over the last decade to have exceeded £4.4 billion. We count that as just a hair under $7 billion American, and we’ve figured out just what else that could have been spent on.

$7,000,000,000.00 is about the same as:

  • The GDP of Moldova
  • 63,642,149 Stewart Downing home shirts
  • 46 F22 Raptor Fighter Jets
  • 20-year-old Francis Jeffers, 875 million times over
  • 46 billion 100mg doxycycline antibiotic pills
  • 92,592 new 2013 Chevrolet Z06 Corvettes Sir Alex Ferguson won’t let his young players have
  • The net worth of LA Galaxy owner Phil Anschutz
  • A pair of adidas Predator LZs for everyone in Peru
  • Slightly more than half of a Ford class aircraft carrier
  • 207,407 players making the MLS league minimum.

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