Prepare For ‘Kick’, A Soccer-Themed Horror Flick Where Players Are Hunted For Sport

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Kick, an upcoming film by writer/director Marcus Warren (The Heavy) appears to be a sort of football-themed Surviving the Game. In that 1994 film, man is hunted for sport by evil rich people with too much time on their hands. In Kick, two aspiring footballers bribe a security card to get into a secret underground game played at a Premier League stadium only to find themselves locked in when the game is over and the lights go out. That’s when the scary stuff happens. SEVERED HEAD.

There’s no indication when the film will be released, or whether it’s set for a theatrical run or straight-to-DVD roll out. But in a world bereft of soccer horror flicks, does it really matter? Finally, we have a Hostel for the football set. Except Kick looks like it’s rated PG-13, which is sort of disappointing.

Here’s the synopsis from the website for writer/director Marcus Warren:

Two young professionals, Dan and Steve, pay their easily earned wages for the rare privilege of playing on their favourite clubs pitch, after hours, in an illegal underground eleven aside match.

The head of security has set up a cottage industry of taking payment to allow twenty or so aspiring footballers the opportunity to fulfil the fantasy of playing in a stadium.

Little do the boys know that they are being watched, and when a few of the boys are “accidentally” locked in, they spend the remainder of the night trying to escape….trying escape who or what hunts in the darkness.

Steve’s worried girlfriend tries making contact, with no luck. After a call to the police proves fruitless she takes matters into her own hands. With Dan and Steve caught in a lethal game of cat and mouse, it’s down to the clock as morning ticks closer.

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