PSG Has Ordered 20,000 David Beckham Shirts, Just In Case They Actually Sign Him

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

If there were any doubts that the rumored move of David Beckham to Paris Saint-Germain was somewhat totally about marketing, you can take those doubts and toss them in the Seine. With concrete shoes. Reports out of France say the club has printed 20,000 David Beckham jerseys, in preparation for the holidays. Someone is confident they’re getting an Englishman.

Meanwhile, LA Galaxy head guy Tim Leiweke says the club is confident Becks will stay in Los Angeles. David’s wife likes the attention family is settled and likes it there.

Since this is a transfer rumor, and you can’t believe any transfer rumor until deals are signed and players are unveiled and Becks is sidelined with an Achilles tendon strain for two months, it has us wondering just what PSG would do with 20,000 Beckham shirts should Goldenballs pass on a move to Paris.

Nothing good comes to mind. In fact, because they’d probably be illegal on some level, they’d probably end up incinerated, or at the very least shipped off to the same places they send all of the pre-printed t-shirts celebrating the Buffalo Bills as the greatest NFL dynasty of all time. How sad.

And just how valuable would a Becks PSG shirt be if he doesn’t sign with the French club? The shirts are currently being made by the most garment workers in China, and are supposed to arrive in time for Christmas. Or in other words, in time for a New Year’s “Treasures of eBay” special post.

Le Source: RTL (en français)

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