Puma Puts The Question ‘Love or Football?’ To The Scientific Test

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Puma, in collaboration with Newcastle United Football Club and the University of Bristol is taking on a very dangerous subject. The trio is putting science to one of man’s most pressing questions: Which matters more to the passionate fan? His wife or his club?

Fans are hooked up to electrodes, then asked to destroy an image of either their loved one or their football club. Measuring the physiological response, Bristol scientists can measure which is more important.

Then, they add voodoo dolls to the mix: Poke the doll of their favorite player and take him out of the next match, or poke the doll of their wives and consign her to bed for a week.

Which would you choose?

No jokes here, this is deadly serious business. The oft-repeated statement is “She knew I loved football before she met me.” Right. Like that matters.

Stick with this. The results may surprise you.

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