Quoddy Drops Some Definitive Winter Appropriate Boots

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

For many of our North American readers, unless you reside in a balmy part of the continent such as Los Angeles, you’ve probably complained about the cold a few times in the last few months. While I type this from Hong Kong, I can’t exactly say the same about the cold, but having spent 22 years in the frigid cold of Alberta, I’ve earned the right to complain for a lifetime or so.

When it comes to the winter, most urbanites would preferably carry on with some degree of style and grace as they tread along the icy streets. For those wanting the cool, long-lasting domestic option, it doesn’t get much better than Maine-based outfit, Quoddy. Everybody knows the moccasin-making prowess of the Aboriginals who held down the land and with that in mind Quoddy’s footwear bears many of the sensibilities and quality of this iconic footwear.

A handsome looking Sheepskin-Lined Grizzly Boot will surely get any winter job done. A rich looking brown leather is accentuated by a deer leather bellowed tongue to ensure none of the nasty white stuff will make its way inwards. A finishing touch is a special Quoddy exclusive Vibram outsole.

The custom-made boots are available for order now through the newly launched Quoddy online store.

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