QWK KCKS: Case Of The Mondays Edition

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

QWK KCKS is our way of helping you get your day started with a refreshing blast of football culture right in your face.

Every U7 game times a million

This video has done the rounds already but it’s back again for your enjoyment. A Japanese team takes on one hundred kids, and it looks exactly how you think it would. // Deadspin

Celebrities kick ball, each other, for charity

A celebrity soccer match in England got hilariously intense. We’ve never heard of these people, but we’re always in for people taking themselves too seriously having a bit of a scrap. // Popdash

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “plying his trade”

Azerbaijan National Team coach Berti Vogts was pelted with toilet paper by angry journalists after his team lost to Kazakhstan. Berti’s consolation is that it wasn’t about his hygiene. // Montreal Gazette

Ooh, I want the piece with the swoosh


Diego Maradona rips FIFA “dinosaurs.” It’s not clear if he means they’re all super old, or if he thinks they have stubby arms and really sharp teeth. Knowing Diego, both are possible. // Dirty Tackle


If you’re Stu Holden and you’re stuck in the Manchester airport, what do you do? Why, you tweet that you’re stuck in the Manchester airport, become a trending topic with the hashtag #flystu, and answer about six millions questions submitted by your 185,000 followers.

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