QWK KCKS: Fun and Games with Mr. Cool

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

QWK KCKS is our way of helping you get your day started with a refreshing blast of football culture right in your face.

First tainted chicken, now pitch invading beef
The only goal scored at Sporting KC’s stadium unveiling was by a guy in a cow costume. Blue Hell wasn’t amused. // Dirty Tackle


From the “rejected Miami Vice plots” file
A South African businessman known “Mr. Cool” is nabbed on match-fixing charges. Mrs. Cool could not be reached for comment, as she was busy caring for their son, Too Cool. // TimesLive


There’s no time to play football, there’s football on!
Fewer people than ever are playing the game in England, and people are FREAKING OUT. // BBC


All’s fair in love and youth soccer
The cutthroat politics of youth soccer in the United States never fail to fascinate. Long Island youth coach sends emails to protect his club’s turf, sparks controversy. // North Shore Sun


Because rich Qataris don’t get this “baseball” thing
Barcelona cut their 80-year old baseball team. If you knew Barcelona had a baseball team, you get a point. I mean a run. Whatever. // Washington Post


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