QWK KCKS: Gameday Edition

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

QWK KCKS is our way of helping you get your day started with a refreshing blast of football culture right in your face.

At this rate, we’re going to run out of vaguely patriotic words by 2013
The USMNT opens up their Gold Cup campaign against Canada in Detroit tonight. Prepare yourself by watching the new Nike commercial, “Indivisible.”


In capitalist Russia, match fixes you
Qatar is getting all the “did they buy the World Cup?” headlines, but don’t forget Russia won the bid for 2018. The place isn’t exactly a bastion of fair play, and now Lokomotiv Moscow has fired their coach on suspicion of match-fixing. // Associated Press


A plot so thick, you need a knife
The island nations of CONCACAF decry “US driven agenda” in FIFA investigation, decide to hold an emergency meeting of their own. This movie ends with Jack Warner and a grenade launcher, we just know it. // Sky News


Today in oxymoronic actions
Damn, Ian Plenderleith. What are you going to do with Sunil Gulati’s charred remains now that you’ve fried him to a crisp? // When Saturday Comes


I bet they go with an automotive motif
Detroit group has officially submitted an expansion application for Major League Soccer. This needs to happen just for the crazy stadium plan. // MLive


This is Rio Ferdinand’s Twitter feed. Yes, it is always like this. Using numbers for words? Maddening. Spelling things correctly, not so much of a concern.


Rio’s Twitter

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