QWK KCKS: Now With High School Girls

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

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Get on my wall

Amazing posters of the game’s greats threaten to make everything else you see today ugly by comparison.

Good, but not that good

A baseball writer oversells Antonio Valencia just a little bit, with Citi Field preparing to host an international friendly. Nice one sneaking in the suggestion a New York MLS team could play there… // New York Mets

So you’re telling me there’s chance

The UK’s Mirror is pretty adamant the 2022 World Cup will be taken from Qatar and awarded to the USA. What a cruel joke. Still, clear out your calendar…just in case. // Mirror Football

If Norwich tried this, no one would notice

A girl’s high school team in Michigan has upped the mascots-at-soccer-matches ante with a live version of theirs (an EAGLE) just chilling on the sidelines during games. // AnnArbor.com

We feel your pain

Australian soccer deals with some of the same problems American soccer does: too many other (less beautiful) sports to compete with. This year, the A-League will make a change meant to help fix the problem. // Times Live


There’s an old saying: The couple that fights with random strangers on Twitter together, stays together. Just a few weeks after Wayne traded threats of violence with a fine young gentlemen, Colleen Rooney is having it out with people who criticize her choice of skin tone. // Scribbal

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