QWK KCKS: Now With Soccer Stars Dancing Poorly

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

QWK KCKS is our way of helping you get your day started with a refreshing blast of football culture right in your face.

Soccer brightens our world…literally, in this case
The new and improved energy-generating soccer ball is on display in the Gold Cup cities. The official music video for the ball featured Villa, Alves, Müller, Lahm, Reina, and Ramos. // YouTube


Now in El Tri-D
A new video board is being installed at the Rose Bowl and will debut at the Gold Cup Final. With 2400 square feet of screen, all 100,000 Mexico fans in attendance will have a clear view of their team hoisting the trophy. // Pasadena Star-News


It’s all fun and games until a bong gets broken
Rare photo of Bob Marley playing with the ball in the house. Or more likely, a dressing room somewhere. // CrackTwo
















The death of style
Neymar looks decidedly less cool now than he did last week. Bring back the Rufio. // Dirty Tackle


The only guarantees in life are death, taxes, and Cuban defections at the Gold Cup
The Cuban player who defected last week tells his story. It involves covert hand signals and a disappointing lack of intrigue. // Charlotte Observer


Joey Barton expresses his disappointment at Newcastle captain Kevin Nolan being sold to West Ham on Twitter. Check the hashtag.


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