QWK KCKS: Speaking in Tongues

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

QWK KCKS is our way of helping you get your day started with a refreshing blast of football culture right in your face.

And he’s not even speaking Spanish
We’re not sure which outlet had this guy calling the USA-Canada tilt last night, but we approve. It’s as if he was possessed by the football gods and started speaking in tongues. // YouTube


Just plane rude *rimshot*
The FAA are big fat jerks, might force the Fort Lauderdale Strikers out of their stadium by the end of the month because of something that happened in 1947. // Sun-Sentinel


Motel 8 must have been booked
England is considering staying at a Holiday Inn for Euro 2012. This calls for an official song by Chingy featuring Snoop Dogg. // Off the Post


Modern day conquistadors, without the funny helmets
When the Spanish rolled through Massachusetts, they left the smoldering husk of the USMNT and screaming girls in their wake. A pair of sisters got lots of pictures. // ONTD Football


Rio Ferdinand had a row with a writer on Twitter, sorta. The writer did what writers do, and he wrote about it. // Mirror Football

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