QWK KCKS: Still Claw Hammer Free

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

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Mo money, mo problems
What recession? European football brought in more money than ever before in 2010, but Prem wages sucked up 68% of income and debt ballooned. // BBC

Meanwhile, La Liga’s Zaragosa filed for bankruptcy protection. Ay dios mio. // Wall Street Journal


Because sometimes we need a reminder
That this game is still magic. The greatest day of an 8-year old’s life, getting a chance to lift Swansea’s playoff trophy. // South Wales Guardian


Hot time, summer in the city
Duke product and Leeds striker Mike Grella will train with the Cosmos’ U-23 squad this summer. Grella is 24. // Sky Sports


The bad type of “getting hammered”
Bonkers. Rhodri Giggs reportedly went after brother Ryan with a hammer because of a fight over a girl, back when the two were single. Lesson not learned, apparently. // Mirror Football


Mascot minx makes mess in Donny Dog donnybrook
Things that are generally frowned upon in the mascot world: being seen without the head piece. Other things that are even more frowned upon: taking pictures in your underwear next to said head. // The Sun (with possibly NSFW photo)


Footballers grow up to be…cops in Canada?
Former Stockport County and Birmingham City striker is now a police office in Calgary, actually gets recognized. // CBC

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