QWK KCKS: Who’s Up For A Lovely Trip To Libya?

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

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Come on in and please excuse the mess
Libya is having a bit of a rough go of it right now, what with the rebels fighting against regime of batshit crazy dictator. That’s no reason to willingly give up the hosting gig for the next Africa Cup of Nations, is it? // Al Arabiya


After the 50th one or so, they start to blend together
US international Jermaine Jones has a lot of tattoos. It might take longer for him to explain them all than it did for him to get them done. Here’s a video of him trying to do it quickly. // The Offside Rules


My promotion idea: the Clydesdales playing soccer
The FA Cup has a new beer sponsor, and it seems like an odd fit. Let the stereotypes fly. // The Spoiler


FIFA actually does something we can’t criticize
Japanese clubs will get a cash from FIFA to help them recover from the devastation of the tsunami. Sepp Blatter’s diary entry for today reads “Dear Sepp, you are so kind.” // SacBee


Crew midfielder Robbie Rogers enthralls his followers when he invents a new type of footballer Twitter pic: “The Plortrait”

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