Real Madrid Is Three Times Bigger Than Barcelona On Google, Charlie Adam Beats Sergio Aguero On Twitter

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Sometimes I think ranking clubs in terms of their social media efforts is the most overblown thing in the world. Other times, I see a fact that catches my eye and makes me wonder how such thing a could possibly be true. This is one of those times. REAL MADRID IS SEARCHED FOR IN GOOGLE MORE THAN THREE TIMES MORE THAN THE BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD. Holy. Crap.

Real Madrid is a massive, massive, super ridiculously massive club. Always has been. Probably always will be. But color me surprised to learn – through the people at Fast Web Media, who sent over some info today – that their they’re that much bigger than not only their Spanish rivals, but England’s biggest club as well.

Here’s the factoid I’m talking about:

Real Madrid remain football’s biggest global brand according to Google, with a total of 3,350,000 global monthly searches. Manchester United are second with 2,240,000, while Barcelona are third with 1,000,000.

Maybe I’m being dense, but the differences in those numbers is amazing. Barcelona, universally accepted to be one of the greatest teams of the past quarter-century (if not longer) is dwarfed in average monthly Google searches by Madrid. Manchester United, the team that most American soccer fans have adopted, is a distant second.

Fast Web Media also included a couple of somewhat interesting infographics, including one on Premier League teams and their Facebook fans, and which transfers (potential, consummated, or rumored) are getting the most love on Twitter.

See the rest of Fast Web Media’s info here.

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