Real Madrid Signs 7 Year Old Argentine Named Leo, Is Definitely Trying Too Hard

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

It must be frustrating seeing your biggest rival win all those trophies with that little floppy haired bugger running a muck and bagging goals like he needs them to breathe. So what do you do if The Special One and Cristiano Ronaldo aren’t enough to get you over the Barcelona hump? You go and sign an Argentine Leo of your own. A 7 year old one, to be exact.

Real Madrid has signed a 7-year-old soccer prodigy from Argentina who goes by the name Leo—just like Lionel Messi.

Leonel Angel Coira signed with the Spanish club and will begin training Sept. 6, Madrid spokesman Juan Tapiador told The Associated Press on Monday.

Coira told the Argentine sports daily Ole last week that his idol is Messi, the Barcelona forward who is also Argentine and goes by the name Leo. Coira said he prefers to pass rather than score. He already has a Facebook page featuring photos of his visit to Real Madrid.

Madrid reportedly made the push to sign Coira because Spanish league rival Atletico Madrid was also pursuing the youngster.

I’m guessing that’s not first team training he will begin on Sept. 6, but this story has psychotic pieces of whack all over it so anything is possible. When I was seven, instead of getting signed by Real Madrid I was just picking my nose and running through screen doors on the reg. I like to think that he’s just gabbing away with Mourinho on the telephone in that video, “Hey Boss! I like to pass the ball more than score! And I want to be a fire truck when I grow up!”

Mourinho: “Yes. Shut up. Do it.”

If you’re a psycho you can go on and like his own personal Facebook page here.

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