Red Bulls Fans Fail At Spelling On Cliche “You’re Not In Kansas Anymore” Banner

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Written By Carl Mansson
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The image above is from last night’s New York Red Bulls-Sporting Kansas City match, a crucial contest for first place in Major League Soccer’s Eastern Conference. Red Bulls fans, in a bid to intimidate the opposition, hung a banner expressing to the Sporting players that they were no longer in Kansas. It’s a tired reference to the Wizard of Oz, and it includes a misspelling of the word “you’re.” Bravo.

We have to believe that at some point, the fans responsible for this banner realized their mistake and were forced to make a decision about hanging it.

Fan 1: Shit, we misspelled “you’re.”

Fan 2: Do we trash it?

Fan 1: If we trash it, we won’t have a clever banner telling the other team they’re not in their home state anymore, a reference to a 1939 film starring Judy Garland.

Fan 2: It’s clever because they used to be the Wizards. Heh heh.

Fan 1: Screw it, we’ll hang it anyway. This IS Jersey, after all.

We kid because we love, and because you people misspelled the word “you’re.” C’mon.

Sceencap via @bubbaprog

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