Retired Semi-Pro Sues Church For Ruining His Chances At Premiership Football

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

At some point, most of us had dreams of being a superstar. Eventually, we all found our level, whether that was pickup games in the park, high school/college, or even if you were one of the lucky and determined few to make it far enough to get paid a few bucks for playing. Arquimedes Nganga was a semi-pro until 25, but blames his former church for stopping him from making it to the Premiership. 

Mr. Nganga, who never went beyond making £200 per month in the third division of his native Portugal, retired to devote his life to the Baptist Church. After 19 years, he got tired of getting attacked by potential converts and handing over his money to the church, and is now suing them for £10 million. Because he thinks he could have played for Manchester United:

I could definitely have had a long career in the Premiership. I see many players playing today who I am not inferior to – and perhaps even better than. Most midfielders are either defensive or attacking but I was both. I had something new.

Sure you did.

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