Revs Fans Have Had Enough Of This Crap, Walk Out on Krafts

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

So you guys remember a few weeks back, when we took the New England Revolution FO to task for alienating the few diehard supporters they have left? Well, it seems the New England fans are still miffed about the whole issue.

At the 16:00 mark of their game against the Philadelphia Union on Sunday (after sixteen silent minutes to signify the sixteen years they’ve followed the Revs), the people standing in New England’s supporters section, known as the Fort, stood and walked out in protest of basically being taken for granted and treated like dirt by the New England owners, the Kraft family.

Viewers watching at home were probably oblivious to this show of defiance, as camera angles were used that avoided showing the Fort for the rest of the match.

Owner/Investors Robert and Jonathan Kraft were reportedly shocked and stunned when told they owned a soccer team, having assumed that the league had folded several years ago and nobody had gotten around to informing them.

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