Rice University’s Stadium Rendering Includes A Slew of Soccer Trophies

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Normally, the staff of KCKRS doesn’t have the time or the inclination to pay attention to news about US college football (American) stadium upgrades. Thankfully, we have readers who will tip us off if there’s something we need to know. Like this, the renderings of Rice University’s proposed two-story addition to their stadium. Look closely, and you’ll see a slew of European football (soccer) trophies.

Reader “K Cap”:

Rice University is planning a renovation of their stadium and some renderings came out today. I took notice of some of the trophies in the trophy case on slide two. I picked up on the European Cup, FA Cup, Copa Del Rey, Scottish Prem Trophy and possibly Bundesliga trophy. I guess the guy that names streets in upper New York does renderings as well.

We don’t know who did the renderings, but whoever they are, they deserve a tip of the cap. Well done, sir or madam.

Source: Chron.com

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