Rich American Named Rich Adopts Struggling English Club

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The American invasion of Premier League boardrooms doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon, and even though it occasionally works, it’s nice to see a rich American businessman getting involved in English football on a totally different level.

Bob Rich is known for being the son of the guy that started Rich Foods, which had naming rights for Buffalo’s NFL stadium at one point in time. Now Bob is known as the Lord of the Manor of Bedlington, a title his wife purchased for him because of the Rich family connection to the small northeast England town.

So Bob found out the town had a semi-pro football club. But instead of swooping in, buying up the club and treating it as his personal plaything, he just decided to sponsor it. The Bedlington Terriers now have Rich Foods as their jersey sponsor, and a rich American benefactor who isn’t nosing around in their business.

They’re also playing in the States tonight as a result of the relationship, against FC Buffalo of the NPSL. The game is being held at home stadium of the Buffalo Bisons, the AAA baseball team Rich owns. The trophy up for grabs is naturally called the Lord Bedlington Cup. Fancy.

There might even be a movie in this story somewhere.

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