Romario Says He Was Better Than Messi And Also The Brazil Coach Sucks

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

You just have to love, Romario, don’t you? Despite counting goals scored against his kids in the living room towards his lifetime tally and constantly inserting himself into various conversations he doesn’t really belong in, as a congressman in Brazil he’s generally one of the few good guys near the top of football. Thankfully, that doesn’t stop him making stupid, outlandish claims about his former ability.

In an interview with Rio de Janeiro newspaper O Dia, Romario explained exactly where he places himself in the pantheon on greats.

Messi is a good player, but I’m in the top three: It’s me, Pele and Maradona. I would include Zidane in that list, too.

Romario: better than Messi, better than Zizou. The name “Ronaldo,” whether referring to the Portuguese superstar or his own Brazil teammate, doesn’t even enter his mind.

And rewriting the past isn’t the only thing Romario did. He also set his sights against the current Brazil setup:

If the World Cup was today, we would be eliminated in the first stage. I would pick the same players as Mano, but it’s not working. One of the motives is lack of time. To prepare a national team you need time to practice.

But Romario doesn’t want that job. No, he recommended Flamengo boss Joel Santana, calling him “the best coach I’ve ever played for.”

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