Ronaldinho Wants You To Have Safe Sex With His Atletico Mineiro-Branded Condoms

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Written By Carl Mansson
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Courtesy of @bearderic on Twitter, here’s an ad for Ronaldinho Gaucho’s brand of condoms, which also carry the logo of his Brazilian club, Atletico Mineiro. “Sex Free” seems like a terrible name for a line of condoms, though. That might impact sales.

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Credit Ronaldinho though–this isn’t just a player shilling a product. The Brazilian star is part of the UN’s AIDS awareness campaign.

Ronaldinho is giving us his trademark “shaka” hand gesture in the ad. While it’s typically thought of as Hawaiian in origin, Wikipedia says it means something else in the parts of the Caribbean.

In the Caribbean, mostly in the Lesser Antilles Aruba, Bonaire & Curaçao, it may be used to suggest a sexual exchange; for such, the thumb points to the gesturer and the little finger toward the subject of the proposition as the hand is moved forward and back.


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