Ronaldo Posted An Innocuous Photo On Facebook, Sparked Israeli-Palestinian Flame War

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

This is what happens when you’re really good at something as popular as football and your appeal crosses ethnic and cultural divides. Yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo posted a rather boring photo of himself and some of this Portugal teammates posing for the camera at the beach near Tel Aviv (Portugal plays Israel in a World Cup qualifier today). This naturally sparked a comment war between Israeli (and supporters of Israel) and Palestinians (and supporters of Palestine). Naturally.

Perhaps most stunning is the way the “story” is being reported in the mainstream press. The Jerusalem Post, an English daily, treated Facebook comments and the resulting “likes” they gained as important information. What.

The post created a flurry of responses from anti-Israel fans writing that it is Palestine, not Israel. Mohamed Abdallah wrote, “This land of Palestine is not Israel understand.” There were also a number of pro-Israel posts both in English and Hebrew with one by David Daniel stating in Hebrew, “In the Holy Land!” which had 172 likes.

172 likes! 172! We don’t know what it means, but 172!

There were also a couple posts praising Hitler as well. Lâlmâs KÄtôûngô wrote, “Long live Hitler this land of Palestine is not Israel.” The post received 4 likes.

It’s important you know that the asshole that brought up Hitler received four likes for his comment. VERY IMPORTANT.

This, of course, has nothing to do with Cristiano Ronaldo, who did nothing more than post a standard photo. A standard, boring, photo. That 299,000+ people have “liked” on Facebook and that spawned a million hearts alternately expressing love for Palestine and Israel. Clearly, this is the heart of the conflict*.

*Let it be noted that we’re not making fun of the Israeli-Palestine conflict, we’re simply pointing out the stupidity of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Facebook page being used as a means to report on the dislike on each side. People flame each other in the comments? YOU DON’T SAY.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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