Ronaldo Wants Ricardo Teixeira’s Job

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Until earlier this month, Ricardo Teixeira had been President of the Brazilian Football Confederation for over two decades. Until today, he was a member of FIFA’s all-powerful executive committee. His tenure was a wild success if your definition of “wild success” includes shameless, rampant corruption and farcical mismanagement of the World Cup planning. His former post is currently being filled by a toady best known for trying to steal a medal at a youth tournament. But there’s someone else who’s interested: Ronaldo.

The legendary striker, winner of 2 World Cups, scorer of more World Cup goals than any other man in history, and collector of way too many awards to list here, wants to take the top job after the World Cup.

According to wire service Xinhua:

Ronaldo had an important role during a recent meeting between FIFA president Joseph Blatter and Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff. The event seems to have inspired Ronaldo to pursue a life in politics.

If he does for the post, Ronaldo’s likely to have the support of his former strike partner Romario, a member of Brazil’s legislature and an outspoken critic of Teixeira.

Full Story: China Daily

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