Rooney, Carroll, and Gary McAllister Tanning Together in Barbados

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

What a motley crew we have here. Recently hair-plugged Wayne Rooney, Caveman/new Kop legend Andy Carroll, and just plain old former Scottish international Gary McAllister are all on holiday in Barbados soaking up the sun.

Rooney and WAG Coleen own a home on the island and Kai thinks the sandbox in the backyard is way cooler than the one in Manchester. In fact Kai is likely the one who decided to invite Andy Carroll and Gary McAllister along – he’s already quite popular within Premier League circles from various reports.

England fans probably hope that Wayne and Andy are developing off-pitch chemistry to produce incredible on-pitch results the likes of which an English forward pairing hasn’t accomplished for the past five years (Sorry, Emile Heskey).

But I think it’s more likely that Wayne is trying to get Andy to sponsor him through Locks of Love. That or he just lured him in with an all-expense paid getaway to the Rooney villa when one night Wayne decides to pull out the hedge clippers and take what he wishes he had for so many years. Who’s to really say? Oh, and Gary McAllister… don’t get your hopes up for a double frontline swoop orchestrated by the (soon to be replaced) Aston Villa caretaker. He probably just went for the continental breakfast.

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