Rooney’s Hair Plugs In The Game, Apparently Not On The FIFA 12 Cover

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

So yesterday we divulged the life altering news that Wayne Rooney’s hair revitalization project has made it into FIFA 12, further surpassing everyone’s wildest hopes and dreams for the game.

Alas, it was brought to our attention by a reader Chandler Swenson over twitter that the same can’t be said for the game’s cover, which Roo shares with Landon Donovan and Rafael Marquez.

Wazza also shares the UK version cover with Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere. While not a perfect top down shot on Shrek’s dome, it does in fact appear that Roo has his old, fully grown, yet aggressively receding, hair line. Not the new baby chia pet version. Do we talk about Rooney’s hair enough?

I mentioned on twitter that it would be nuts if the hair plugs gradually grew in over the course of a manager mode season… maybe FIFA was trying to put a later season improved Rooney on the cover. It gets worse before it gets better? Personally never had a hair transplant, but I’m pretty positive this one is just a classic photoshop. No fancy video game machine can make Rooney scream so realistically for human flesh like that.

Photo: EA Sports

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