Russian Women’s Club FC Rossiyanka Playing in Bikinis to Fill the Stands

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

In the midst of the Women’s World Cup, a tournament that is drawing big crowds in Germany thanks to the high-level soccer on display, a Russian women’s club team has decided to take a radically different approach to selling tickets. This one will undoubtedly have the Sepp Blatter Seal of Approval.

The club is FC Rossiyanka, a club in the Russian Women’s Premier League. Their stated goal is to bring attention to women’s football, and while we applaud that aim, we’re not sure this is the best way to go about it. Strike that, it’s pretty much the worst way to go about it. Not that we’re complaining about women wearing bikinis, exactly…

With this project we want to draw attention to women’s soccer, to increase his popularity among the male population. Necessary to break the stereotype of women’s football as a faint, not a spectacular sport. Throughout the world, the sport is on the first cast and is growing rapidly, largely thanks to government support and assistance to national associations. The main thing is that our athletes understand and support our ideas. Together we will achieve our goals, because women’s football in Russia is doomed to success!

“Doomed to success” is an example of bad translation, but seems somewhat appropriate considering the circumstances.

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