Samir Nasri Thinks The Emirates Atmosphere Is Worse Than Highbury, Even Though He Never Played There

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Samir Nasri is super glad that his hellish stint at Arsenal is finally over, and he can finally start rubbing shoulders with the nouveau riche crowd in Manchester. Those who thought his tenuous relationship with Arsenal fans couldn’t get much more, er, tenuous will be shocked to read his quotes in the press today. Specifically, he makes a curious swipe at the Emirates faithful:

“The (City) fans are really passionate. It reminds me a little of Marseille. Arsenal have good fans but not so passionate since they moved to the Emirates from Highbury.”

Keen historians will note that Nasri joined the Gunners in 2008, they left Highbury in 2006, and the French winger never played at Arsenal’s former home.

Even if Nasri had enjoyed many-a-night in the Clock End, his statement is invalid: I’ve been to both stadia and the atmosphere is just as bad at the Emirates as it was at Highbury. (Ed: OH SNAP!)

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