San Jose Earthquakes New Stadium Opening Delayed By ‘Unexploded Ordinances’ Found On Site

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The San Jose Earthquakes are the latest MLS team take the big step of building a dedicated soccer-focused stadium. After years of playing in terrible places like Buck Shaw Stadium (their current home), the Quakes are nearing the day when they can put their college football-stadium days behind them and move on. Unfortunately, that day has been delayed because workers building the new San Jose soccer venue found munitions on the site. Probably should have known that would happen.

The building site for the Earthquakes happens to be the former site of an FMC Corporation factory that built tanks in the years after World War II. Hence, shells. The team originally planned to open the building start the 2014 season, but it appears that they’ll now have to wait for a midseason debut.

Work was forced to stop due to the unexploded ordinances. Plus, vaults.

During the demolition phase, the construction team uncovered numerous concrete vaults deep in the ground, used munitions from the FMC factory, steel beams and hundreds of concrete pilings. Due to the high water table at the site, the excavated vaults also had to be drained of water, causing more delays during the grading process. To drain one of the holes, over 600 tons of rock had to be used.

The team will play eight games at 10,000-seat Buck Shaw and one at Stanford Stadium before getting the all clear for the new stadium. Totally worth the wait. To get rid of the unexploded munitions. And because it will look like this:

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