Sebastien Le Toux Kind Of Got Screwed Over By Philly

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Undoubtedly the biggest transfer story this week in Major League Soccer was the trade of Philadelphia Union star Sebastien Le Toux to the Vancouver Whitecaps. It’s rare that an MLS team will trade its top scorer and biggest name while he’s in his prime. It’s even rarer to do it when he’s desperate to stay.

In an exclusive interview with The Delaware County Daily Times, Le Toux, the Union’s all-time leader in a host of statistical categories, revealed he had been forced out by the Union front office, who he claims did it for the money.

“It had gotten to the point where I said to them, to Nick, to Peter, to everyone, ‘Just give me a contract and I will sign it,’” said Le Toux, who spoke exclusively with the Daily Times. “I wanted to stay in Philly. I didn’t care about the money.”

“The only thing they wanted is the money,” Le Toux said. “Being with this team and being a guy, not to build around, but to help this team, was what I wanted. … They must have wanted to sell me for money because they needed money. We don’t have a nice practice facility and that is something they promised since I am here. It’s terrible.”

“That’s why they pushed me to Bolton — money.”

Le Toux said that upon early termination of his trial with Bolton – his own decision, not the club’s – he was made to feel unwelcome by Union head coach Peter Nowak, and wasn’t medically cleared to practice. Le Toux’s feelings at the whole situation are such that he said he’d rather retire than play for Nowak again.

Nowak’s response, on a conference call yesterday?

“Feelings are not in my job description.”

Full Story: Delco Times

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