Sergio Koke Remembers This Day Fondly. And Only This Day.

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Sergio Koke lasted all of 45 days in Major League Soccer before quitting the Houston Dynamo. He played in seven games, scored once, and follows Mexican bust Luis Angel Landin into ex-Dynamo infamy.

Koke went from captain at Aris FC in Greece during the 2009-2010 season to a squad player with Houston. That shot to the ego probably played a role in his throwing in the towel. After buying out his contract with Aris so he could sign with the Dynamo, nothing went as planned in Texas.

Part of Koke’s problem: he was slow. Strong technical skills couldn’t make up for a lack of speed and in a relatively fast-paced league like MLS that was a real problem. Fourth choice behind Cam Weaver and a rookie (Will Bruin) wasn’t a place he probably thought he’d be.

Sergio’s here-and-gone routine is eerily similar to that of a player who couldn’t cut it in MLS and left for Aris –  Nery Castillo, another Mexican bust. Castillo was a Designated Player though, so at least Koke was a less costly bust. Like Castillo, Koke was apparently rarely fit enough to even compete for a starting job.

Forty-five days is barely enough time to find the best sandwich shop in a new neighborhood, much less get adjusted to a new team. In a Facebook post he has since taken down, Koke chalked up his quitting to “family reasons.” Right.

“Well, friends, because I know many people want to know, I’m going to explain the situation in Spanish. I’m going to try to end my contract in Houston, return home with my family and think the best. It’s clear that my family and friends advise me to return home (Aris). All my friends and family today are fans of Aris.”

Adios, Sergio. We hardly knew you.

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