Vancouver Whitecaps’ Shea Salinas is Pretty Cocky For Last Place

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Very few MLS players make predictions about games. You’ll hear a lot of “try our best” and “they’re a good team and have to be respected.” Well, Vancouver Whitecaps midfielder Shea Salinas doesn’t like that idea so much.

Referring to his team’s upcoming match against the Philadelphia Union, Salinas made a bold prediction:

I think we will win, 3-1.

For context, Salinas’s Whitecaps have the second worst record in MLS. Their only win of the season was in their opening, and their previous loss to Philadelphia was the start of a winless streak that now stands at fourteen matches.

Philly, meanwhile, are in second place in the East, and haven’t given up more than a single goal only twice: in a 2-0 loss to Dallas, and then in a 6-2 thrashing delivered to Toronto the following game.

As to motivation for his bold claim, Salinas says he’s totally not  bitter at all about Philadelphia leaving him unprotected in the expansion draft at the end of last season.

It would have been awesome if Peter (Nowak, the Union’s manager) would have been professional enough to call me and let me know that,” Salinas said this week by telephone. “I have not talked to Peter since the last practice we had.

“The night before the protected list came out… I heard I was protected and the next day, when the list came out, I wasn’t on it. But whatever. It’s in the past. I’m not upset. The only thing I’m upset about is that Philadelphia is winning and I’m not. Being competitive, you always want to be on a winning team.”

So yeah. Totally not bitter at all about being told he’d be protected, then not being so, then being forced to move across the continent for the second time in two years and watch his previous team make a run at the playoffs while he toiled in the basement. Not resentful at all.

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