Shockingly, Ashley Cole Disinclined To Join Twitter

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

It seems these days as though any professional soccer player, no matter how controversial his reputation, can rebuild his public image by showing his personal, human side on twitter. (Yes, we’re talking about Joey Barton. Again. Sorry) There’s one much-maligned footballer however, who is in no hurry to face the unadulterated groupthink of twitter – Chelsea left back Cashley C Ashley Cole.

Cole, who alienated the fans of his boyhood club, cheated on his celebrity wife Cheryl with multiple women, was fined for doing over 100 mph in a 50 mph zone, and once shot a man in the face, claims he is “misunderstood.”

Speaking to the BBC, Cole said:

Judge me on how I play football or judge me on when you meet me. Come and speak to me; if I’m a so-and-so, then fair enough, say it – but a lot of people judge others too quickly without actually knowing the full facts or the actual real person.

So there you have it. We’d all love Ashley Cole if only we got to know the real him.

Now how did that get there?

Anyway, he won’t be joining twitter. Which we can kind of understand, to be honest.

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