Snoop Dogg A Little Angry About Being Snubbed Some Manchester Swag

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Snoop D-O-DOUBLE-G is notorious for his list of demands when touring the world spitting hot fire like only a boss dog can. Notably, his list usually consists of Costco sized packs of swisher suites, all kinds of munchies, and an over-sized jersey from the local sporting team. But Snoop isn’t feeling the love from one major football city.

At his recent gig in Manchester, Snoop got snubbed by not one, but both, Manchester clubs in his request for a jersey. That or the memo just didn’t make its way to the right hands at Old Trafford or the Eastlands. But I think it’s cooler to think that Snoop and Suge Knight are going to start a beef with the city of Manchester and their football clubs. Considering Liverpool happily decked Snoop out, I think his choices should be clear.

But he discovered that the Mancs were not willing to play ball and add to his growing replica shirt collection.

He said: “‘I got about 100 (shirts) now. Can you believe they didn’t give me a shirt tonight?

“I’m in Manchester and they didn’t get me a football jersey? I don’t know whether United or City – guess I’d just have to have both.”

But the star then went on to outline a possible reason for the failure of his blagging attempts.

Talking about his preferred shirt personalisation, he added: “I have the players I like, like Didier Drogba. He’s a really good guy.”

Snoop, Suge, and Drogba. That’s a gang I’m not trying to mess with. Teflon stock in Manchester just went up by like 5%. Also, we would have killed to see Snoop in some kind of hybrid-stitched City-United combo kit with DROGBA on the back.

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