Snoop Lion (Dogg) Stole The Show At The FIFA 13 Launch In New York

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The undisputed star of the show at last night’s launch party for EA Sports’ latest edition of the FIFA franchise was the only and only Snoop (it’s Lion now, I think, but that’s terrible and I’m not happy about the change so I’m going to call him Dogg) Dogg. Snoop was in the house to play the game, perform a bit, and easily look cooler than anyone else in attendance.

Everyone at SPIN in NYC took at least one photo of Snoop, because of course you would. No reports on Snoops chops as an actual FIFA player, but considering KickTV was in attendance with the inimitable Jimmy Conrad, I would expect a full report to surface shortly.

Oh, FIFA 13 is now on sale. I hear it’s pretty good.

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