If You Like Soccer, You Are Cheesing Off Tim Blotz

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

With no cable needed, Saturday’s Champions League final on Fox was a a wonderful thing. Unless you live in Minnesota.

Fox’s presentation of the Champions League Final has taken a bit of a righteous beating over the last few days, starting with the revelation that no one likes to be told the rules by NFL players with failed sitcom careers.

If you were watching the game in the Twin Cities, the weather was not your friend when it came time to watch the part Fox couldn’t screw up (the game itself). Fox 9 in Minnesota broke into the Champions League broadcast to cover dangerous thunderstorms in the area. Fans, probably already in a frenzy over Michael Strahan’s “Soccer for Dummies” cameo and Brad Friedel’s disconcerting half-American/half-English accent, flooded the station with complaints.

Reporter Tim Blotz was anchoring the Storm Vision Super Doppler 50000 Weather Central coverage (it might not actually be called that), and did not appreciate the flood of calls and emails. At all. He said so, live on the air.

An obviously agitated Blotz flatly told soccer fans to stop calling and Facebooking. “It does no good to call us,” he huffed.

Now Blotz is public enemy number one for Minnesota soccer fans. The station’s Facebook page has been taken over by complaints. That brought out people defending Blotz and the station, which then prompted a slew of comments begging everyone to take the argument somewhere else. Fox 9′s Twitter account has been flamed by fans gently expressing their disgust with sarcasm. Also, with cursing and exclamation points.

Interrupting the game is one thing. Insulting soccer fans by telling them to not “cheese us off” is something else. The audience will not stand for disrespect. There are actual calls for Blotz to be fired. As silly as that is, soccer fans are sick of feeling as though their sport is being treated like a second class citizen – or worse, an an annoying distraction. Would any other sport receive similar treatment? Of course not!

We’ve had to put up with snarky SportCenter anchors, petty shots from pundits of other American sports, sportstalk radio hacks dismissing soccer as something un-American or worse, and now this. Local reporter can’t handle a little righteous soccer anger. People just want to see the game, dammit.

But hey, according to Blotz’s own Twitter page his daughter plays the sport, so he can’t hate it all that much. Maybe he actually likes soccer. Even if, according to Fox 9 viewers, he did call the game “World Cup soccer” at one point. Oof.

Still, tornadoes are serious business.

Unfortunately for Tim, so is soccer.

(h/t Deadspin)

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