Soccer-Inspired Home Decor Is Classy, Very Soccer-y

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

So you were enthralled by the Women’s World Cup, but soccer isn’t really your thing. Your thing is actually interior design, and you want a way to show off some of your soccer passion with something for your house. Here you go: soccer ball-inspired objets d’art.

These were highlighted by Kayla Kitts at, someone who actually fits the description above (we assume you don’t fit that description since you clearly love footy already based on your patronage of KCKRS). Kayla found a couple of classy soccer ball-like items for the interior design crowd and highlighted them on her blog.

Which benefits all of us, really. It’s high time soccer fans brought a little style to their home decor, and Kayla’s suggestion in the ball vein are a good place to start.

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