Soccer Players Have More Friends, According to SCIENCE

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Real, actual science, taking a break from curing cancer and creating affordable flying cars, has now proven what KCKRS could have told you for free: that playing soccer makes you cooler and more popular than your non-soccer playing peers.

British Telecom, a “sustainability partner” for the 2012 London Olympics, conducted a study that found:

Soccer was the most sociable sport among youngsters, with three out of four having at least 17 friends.

Just 13% of gymnasts and cricketers had a similar number of friends, rising to 15% among tennis players and 16% of martial arts and netball players.

Hear that, netball players and cricketers? Soccer players are way cooler than you. And not only because they don’t play cricket and netball.

Full Story: UK Press Association

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