Soccer-Related Halloween Costumes Are Always Fun

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

So Halloween was the other day, and while nobody got our Joachim Loew costumes (blue sweaters, picking our noses, speaking with German accents), some people came up with some pretty good original ideas. And then the nice people over at The Denim Kit collected a bunch together. These two were our favorites, but there are plenty more winners over there.

Kasey Keller kid wins hands down. The shaved head shows real devotion to making it work.

A close second? Giving small children weapons with the potential to maim anyone who tries to take their candy.

And yes, both of our favorites were from the Pacific Northwest. So step it up, rest of MLS fans. Oh, and kids in costume are just inherently better than adults in costume. So parents, pressure your children into representing your geeky fandom next year.

Source: TDK

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