Soccer-Style Jersey Designs For The Baseball Teams Of The AL East

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

KCKRS loves it when people with quality design skills take the iconic looks from teams in other American sports and create soccer jerseys for them. We’ve seen it with hockey. We’ve seen it with the NFL. Now, Mark Willis has taken the teams of Major League Baseball’s AL East division and done the same. Love. This.

Click for larger versions of each design.

I love that Mark got the “27″, denoting the number of championships they’ve won, into the Yankees design (even though I hate the Yankees). And the Orioles design is fantastic. Mark, however, wasn’t happy with the first attempt for Baltimore and, working from suggestions given to him the the UniWatch community, took a second stab at it.

Also fantastic.

Now that you’ve seen the mock-ups, go read Mark’s full piece on his inspiration for the project at his website.

via r/soccer

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