“Sockey” Jerseys Are Awesome And Need To Be Made

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

It’s pretty much a fact that soccer provides the most aesthetically pleasing and applicable jerseys for wear in every day life. There are even entire websites dedicated to good looking soccer gear.

Baseball jerseys don’t fit properly unless you have a huge gut and basically all look the same. Football jerseys are too shiny. It’s pretty impossible for your average person to rock a basketball jersey without looking like a goober because of the lack of sleeves. Hockey “sweaters” are pretty sick but fit an average of three sizes too big and have enormous embroidered logos that could scratch your belly if you move your midsection too much.

Let’s be real, other sports fans are jealous of soccer jerseys. While some have deep seated emotional problems stemming from their childhood which make soccer unbearable for them to watch, everyone knows a cool jersey when they see one. The solution to this distinctly American problem, for hockey fans at least, could be “Sockey” jerseys. They don’t just sound awesome…

Check out the whole gallery of designs created by “Majupra” here.

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